Norman Yonkers' Karate Connection
Mixed Martial Arts Academy
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Mind, Body Workout!

When your days - and too many of your evenings -
are filled with the excitement and stress of work, & family,
you need the whole person fitness of martial arts training.
It provides healthy, physical activity for the body;
concentration and control to sharpen the mind;
and motivational support to awaken the spirit.

Our adult curriculum, is a composite system founded by Shihan Norman Yonkers.
It includes self-defense training, sparring, kickboxing, weapons, forms,
and mixed martial arts under the Hayastan Grappling system.

This program is based on attending either 2 classes or 4 classes/week.
You do not need to attend the same days and times each week.
This program is flexible, so take them as your schedule permits.
You may choose to enroll in our Traditional Karate Program,
Kickboxing/MMA, or our Grappling Program.

*All Items Needed in a Program Must Be Purchased from Us Within 1 month of Joining.

1 Month - 2 Classes/Week = $115.00
(8 classes/month)

1 Month - 4 Classes/Week = $135.00
(16 classes/month)

Tuesday 8:25-9:10 pm
Saturday 9:30-10:15 am

Our kickboxing/mma program is a dynamic class designed to utilize knees and elbows as well as kicks and boxing strikes. Our kickboxing class teaches proper striking techniques and improves endurance, stamina, speed, power and balance. It also prepares students to prevent take downs and to obtain control in close-quarter combat. We blend Muay Thai, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do with Wrestling and Judo take-downs, and take-down defenses in this non-traditional class. We also work on moving seamlessly from striking to Grappling and back again. This class can be used as your only style but we recommend training in this class along with the grappling class if you are interested in becoming completely well rounded in mixed martial arts. This class is also well suited for men and women who are not interested in becoming the next MMA Superstar; but who are just looking for the best workout ever!

*Items Needed:
School T-Shirt &
MMA/Boxing Gloves

Traditional Karate
Monday 7:10-7:55 pm
Wednesday 7:40-8:25 pm
Saturday 11:55 am-12:40 pm

Our traditional program of Goshin Do is a compilation of Japanese Karate, Tae Kwon Do, JKD,
Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Aiki Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Hayastan Grappling. It teaches the traditional aspects of martial arts which include: kata, self-defense, inside fighting, sparring, breaking, weapons, basics, grappling, theories & concepts, japanese language, fitness, respect, discipline, and goal setting.
We also teach how martial arts can enhance and work in conjunction with school, work, and family.
This program is for everyone who wants to make positive changes to their lives.

*Items Needed:
School Uniform

Grappling Gi/No-Gi
Monday 7:55-8:40 pm
Wednesday 8:25-9:10 pm

The Hayastan Submission Grappling program is a compilation of traditional Jujitsu, Judo, Wrestling and Russian Sambo. It is primarily a ground-grappling art that consists of throws, arm locks, leg locks and controlling techniques. These techniques are blended with modern self-defense techniques, such as those seen in MMA tournaments.
Hayastan Submission Grappling has been
influenced by many countries around the world, including Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Armenia, Brazil and even America. As such, it is an internationally recognized system founded byworld-renowned
Gokor Chivichyan and his instructor “Judo” Gene LeBell. Sensei Gokor is a world champion in Judo, Jujitsu, Sambo and MMA competition.

*Items Needed:
School Grappling Uniform
& School Rashguard