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To say that teens today have a lot of choices is a huge understatement.
The important question is, are the choices they're making, good ones?

They are exposed daily to bullies, peer pressure, and a variety of other potentially negative influences.
That's why it is so important that you give your teen the "winning edge" with martial arts training at our school.

Through the excitement of a dynamic program, teens are taught how to make good choices.
Our lessons in confidence building, self-control and concentration unlock your teen's potential
and creates a balance of behaviors.

• Martial arts helps to create the child who will become the educated, well-employed and socially conscious adult.
• Martial arts will prepare your child to live a full and satisfying life, despite many of society's ills.
• Martial arts training prepares for confrontation, as it teaches how to avoid confrontation.
• Martial arts replaces insecurity and low self-esteem with confidence and a greater self worth.

So don't wait. Give your teen the edge with martial arts classes at our school.
Our program is safe, fun, and educational.

This program is based on attending 2 classes/week.
You do not need to attend the same days and times each week.
This program is flexible, so take them as your schedule permits.
You may choose to enroll in our Traditional Karate Program,
Kickboxing/MMA, or our Grappling Program.

*All Items Needed in a Program Must Be Purchased from Us Within 1 month of Joining.

Traditional Karate

Tuesday 7:40-8:20 pm
Thursday 7:40-8:20 pm
Saturday 10:15-11:00am
1 Month - 2 Classes/Week
(8 classes/month)

Our traditional program of Goshin Do is a compilation of Japanese Karate, Tae Kwon Do, JKD,
Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Aiki Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Hayastan Grappling. It teaches the traditional aspects of martial arts which include: kata, self-defense, inside fighting, sparring, breaking, weapons, basics, grappling, theories & concepts, japanese language, fitness, respect, discipline, and goal setting.
We also teach how martial arts can enhance and work in conjunction with school, work, and family.
This program is for everyone who wants to make positive changes to their lives.

*Items Needed:
School Uniform