Norman Yonkers' Karate Connection
Mixed Martial Arts Academy
168 Cushing Street  •  Fredonia, NY 14063  •  716/679-7685  •

Your Child Will "Learn to Earn"
at OUR Martial Arts School!

In today's world of immediate gratification, it's getting harder to teach children the value
of working towards goals and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.
Our Novice Pee-Wee Program (ages 6-12) focuses on reinforcing traditional martial arts values
such a trying one's best and never giving up.
Our students take pride in hard work and achieve their belts the old fashioned way. They Earn Them!
Not only do we teach valuable self-defense techniques,
but we also reinforce the skills your child needs to be successful in school.
Our class is full of fun, exciting activities that teach and encourage students to:

• Concentrate & always do their best work
• Take responsibility for their actions
• Be proud of their accomplishments
• Serve as positive role models for others
• Treat themselves & others with respect

Our professional instructors specialize in developing character,
adjusting attitudes, and motivating children to be their very best!

This program is based on attending either 2 classes or 4 classes/week.
You do not need to attend the same days and times each week.
This program is flexible, so take them as your schedule permits.

Monday  5:30-6:15 pm
Tuesday  6:05-6:50 pm
Wednesday  6:05-6:50 pm
Thursday  6:05-6:50 pm
Saturday  11:05-11:50 am

1 Month - 2 Classes/Week = $115.00
(8 classes/month)

1 Month - 4 Classes/Week = $135.00
(16 classes/month)