Norman Yonkers' Karate Connection
Mixed Martial Arts Academy
168 Cushing Street  •  Fredonia, NY 14063  •  716/679-7685  •

We offer the most programs and class times to fit everyone's budget and schedule.
Depending on the program you prefer, cost can range anywhere from $40 to $90 per month.
Discounts are available for families, and full-time college students; as well as for those who pay
for memberships in advance in 3, 4, 6, and 1 year increments. All programs, with the exception
of women's self-defense, entitle the student to 2 classes per week. Please give us a call or
email us with the specifics of who is interested in our school, and we can let you know what
programs might work best for you.

We Never Ask You to Sign a Membership Contract!

You Will Stay With Us Because You WANT to,
NOT Because You HAVE To!!!

In your search for a martial arts school, you may be asked to sign a membership contract in order to take lessons. This is when you sign a paper stating that even if you don't want to continue with lessons at some
point during the contract length, or can't continue, for any reason, you will still need to pay each month until the contract expires. This can be anywhere from 6 mos to a year. We do not believe in obligating our students to train with us. We want you with us because YOU WANT to be.

Little Ninjas
(ages 4-6)
(ages 6-12)
(ages 13-17)
(ages 18 +)
(all ages)